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You Vs You question yourself to avoid weight loss surgery

Compare Lowest Price Gastric Band Surgery in France Medical Loans for Weight Loss surgery You Vs You We are our biggest critics. We are at times our own worst enemy. Especially when it comes to our weight. If other people spoke to us the way we speak to our internal selves, it would definitely be face slap worthy at times. “Hey fatty, did you really need that second (or third, or fourth) cookie?” If our friends talked to us the way we allow our inner voice to talk to us, chances are good they would no longer be considered friends. “My God, can’t you stick to diet for more than two days without needing a ‘treat’.” We tend to be very critical ourselves, which can be a good thing when it pushes us to become better people, but can also be detrimental if we allow those negative thoughts to carve away at our self perception. It takes a conscious effort to be positive. We are bombarded daily with negativity. News feeds are filled with negative stories to attract your attention. Media everywhere reminds us of our inadequacies that we need to address immediately to be desirable: wrinkles, bad breath, gray hair, body odor. The list goes on and on. And let’s not even get started on politicians and their campaigns. Mudslinging is common place in this arena. We are forever reminded of the negative, the undesirable, the problem that needs fixing. The same goes for weight loss. We tend to approach it from our negative mindset, avoiding something we don’t want to be: being overweight, sick, tired. It’s actually quite refreshing to shift from the negative to a positive perspective. This happens when you decide what you want to create instead of avoid. In this case: optimal health. Weight loss will be a nice side effect when a healthy lifestyle is the goal. Shifting the focus from the negative to the positive lets us focus on the outcome, instead of on the process. Lets put that concept into real life scenarios. Here are 10 common negative thoughts, how they manifest themselves and how we can regain control over our inner critic by turning them into a positive. 1. Unrealistic goals. “I want to lose 20 pounds for the party I just got invited to. Next week.” You want results and you want them now. Yesterday even. We sometimes attach unrealistic expectations to a new plan, then blame ourselves when the plan doesn’t deliver. Drastic weight loss plans and over-the-top exercise routines won’t bring optimal health. Instead of looking for the quick fix, think long-term. What you eat today is what the scale reflects tomorrow. 2. All or nothing. For you, everything is divided into good or bad, success or failure, ‘dieting’ or not. “Well, I ate that cheeseburger, I failed at this plan too. Pass the french fries.” Focus instead on progress, not perfection. Applaud the things you DID do today that will get you closer to your goal. “Yay, I only had one piece of pizza and water instead of wine.” Changes take time and mistakes will happen. Forget the end outcome and focus on the controllable, action factors. 3. Nothing less than perfection. “I should be able to say no to dessert. What the hell is the matter with me?” or “I just ate three french fries from my kids’ happy meal. I have no will power.” This is kind of like looking at your reflection on the magnified side of the mirror. *wince* You’re gonna find flaws. Getting healthy is a lifetime journey, not a sprint to a certain number on the scale. Plan accordingly. 4. Fear of failure. “That diet sounds way too hard for me. I’d mess it up for sure.” No one wants the shame or embarrassment of starting yet another plan and quitting half way to the goal because you hit a wall. Forget about previous outcomes. You may not have been ready. The plan may have been right for you. Honor your present self and not your past. “I am strong and capable.” 5. Fear of success. “I’ve always been the funny, fat girl.” or “I don’t want to become ‘that guy’ that always posts his workouts or takes pictures of his ‘healthy’Read more…

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