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The Obesity Epidemic and How Not To Become A Statistic

Compare Lowest Price Gastric band Surgery Surgery Abroad Best Price gastric bypass surgery The Obesity Epidemic and How Not To Become A Statistic The alarming statistic is that obesity rates have increased by about 300 of Americans will be an obesity statistic. With over 180 countries studied, the tripling of overweight people is not just confined to America; it is worldwide and includes China and India. Also, the obesity epidemic is not just confined to rich countries. It affects developing countries. The reported obesity-related worldwide health threat includes accountability for a third of all cancers, a skyrocketing rise in heart disease, diabetes and complications. Then there’s the damage done to self-esteem with its related psychological / social problems as a consequence of obesity. The causes The epidemic rise in obesity has been blamed on inappropriate diet and lifestyle: Overly rich carbohydrate diets, high level processed junk foods loaded with sugar, fructose, and grains… coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. Clearly, whatever attempts are being made to prevent global obesity aren’t working. Sadly, it is not in the interest of junk food corporations to be honest. With their deceptive advertising they would rather we get fat an ill than lose out on profits by telling the truth. The same can be said about governments who rake the money as revenue from these junk food corporations, while media advertising propaganda continues. And it doesn’t help that these very corporations are funding the related research, producing arms long lists of health myths and at times downright lies in favour of their products. They infiltrate approval bodies and pay off politicians to get some of their dubiously questionable products out on the market… These corporations know that if children get hooked on their processed food and drink products at an early age then they may well consume them for life. That’s why children are cleverly targeted. They end up consuming through habit and addiction, having created metabolic mayhem, inappropriately fuelling their bodies. No wonder there’s a rise in child obesity by some 50% and increasing. The Solution There are several key factors needed to be focussed on for weight gain prevention or staying lean. Sure, substituting junk and a diet of starchy grainy potatoes and rice for wholesome foods; a high percentage raw food diet… fresh fruits and vegetables… is a step in the right direction for many. Healthy fats like coconut oil I would highly recommend. Highly nutritious coconut oil is also an appetite suppressant. If necessary try reducing protein intake: Americans are notorious for eating way too much meat in their diet. Another key factor for avoiding erratic insulin levels, maintaining hormonal balance, is to get into the habit of fasting every now and then. This can pay dividends when losing weight, especially when the body goes from burning up carbohydrate to fat reserves. During this, human growth hormone (HGH) starts to kick in which also aids burning stored fat. Exercise is an absolute essential for weight control. Beside light activities, if appropriate for you, I would recommend doing bouts of intense exercise which stimulates HGH for further fat burning. Try getting engaged in some fitness programme. I will sound off with Olivier De Schutter a specialist on economic and social rights and the ‘Right to Food’ speaking at the World Health Organization’s 2014 annual summit. He said in so many words that the obesity problem is a global health threat greater than tobacco use and called for nations to get together to put stricter control in place on unhealthy foods. If you liked reading this article then go toRead more…

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