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Finding My Best Ever Lover & The Weight I Was Born to Be

Compare Price of Bariatric Surgery Abroad gastric sleeve surgery in France Finding My Best Ever Lover & The Weight I Was Born to Be Finding inner peace and the weight I was born to be has been a lifetimes quest for me. Over the years my body has fluctuated from a massive size 30 to a size 16. As a child I was always overweight. Eating was a way of gaining attention from my father. All be this negative attention, it was better than no attention at all from my child-like perspective. If truth be known I have spent a majority of my life wearing my ‘Fat Jacket’. Through all of this time, fat or thin, I never knew what it was to actually love myself. I had perfected the technique of looking happy on the outside whilst inside I was crying. At last I have realised that this is a journey of a lifetime with no end goal to achieve or weight to attain. It is an ongoing journey in life of weight loss management to find and nurture the best love affair I have ever had – this time with myself! Today a dear friend offered me a loving insight into what other people think of me. The interesting thing is that it did not match my personal perception. The mirror I look into reflects back at me a vision of someone who is just not ‘Good Enough’ (sounds familiar?). With that attitude it is no wonder I find it impossible to love myself, sustain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. All the negative, false messages I learnt in childhood, that become reinforced in adulthood, prevented me from developing a sustainable, healthy and loving relationship with myself, my body and the food I put into it. Even when I lost weight I still believed I was ‘Not Good Enough’ and so the cycle of comfort eating would begin all over again. I lacked weight loss motivation. Diets, dieting, the weight loss media machine, in fact the total way we view life through a shroud of guilt, shame and negative messages is a trap! All its messages perpetuate the ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ belief. How then can we get off this life-destoying treadmill? The answer, I have decided, is to focus only on self-love. Like any type of change, this is easier said than done so I am following the 8 tips listed in the book Loving Yourself to Great Health by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane: Decide You Are Important Enough Take Baby Steps Keep it Simple and Gentle Be Consistent Get Helpers Have Fun Celebrate Even Small Successes Think Positive These are great tips that I am now following. Chrissie Webber is the author of WEIGHT LOSS, LIFE GAIN and also a weight management coach with over 20 years experience in motivation and behavioural coaching. Through her Facebook Support Group she offers support and motivation to the 95 of dieters who are still struggling to find the weight they were born to be. Article Source: For FREE No Obligation Information about the cost Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France Click here #tullialaw | lowest price for Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Bariatric surgery abroadRead more…

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