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Burst The Common Nutrition Myths About Weight Loss

Compare Price of Bariatric Surgery Abroad how much does a gastric band cost Burst The Common Nutrition Myths About Weight Loss Weight Loss is the topic of debate and is mostly surrounded by a number of misconceptions. Every single person has its own logic and advice to give that might confuse you and a wrong choice may even affect your health. Thus, it is always good to consider a dietitian or nutrition expert that have great knowledge in the same domain and suggest you the best diet plan for weight loss as per your body BMI. If you are also not able to differentiate between the fact and fiction about weight loss this article is for you. Here we help you burst the common nutrition myth about weight loss people have. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. Starve To Lose Weight: If you also think that starving or fasting is the easiest ways to lose weight, so, you are absolutely wrong. Eating doesn’t affect your weight, but eating wrong food and at the wrong time may. Therefore, if you want to see quicker results, so, instead of skipping meals you should eat after a while. Break your three meals into the six one to give your hunger pangs a relief. Also, it boosts up your metabolism that helps in achieving your weight loss goal. All Carbohydrates Are Bad: It is not more than just an old wives tale, which you should not believe. But, the truth is that not all the Carbs you consumed are bad, some of them are very good for your health and provide your body essential nutrients and fibers that not help in losing weight but also keeps your protected from a number of diseases. All Calories Are Created Equal: Well, it is not more than just a lie because different foods we eat goes through the different metabolic pathway and thus, have different effects on your body hormones and brain center that give signals to your appetite. So, it is not the truth all calories have varying effects on hunger, hormones, and health. Slimming Pills Are The Only Option: Come out of your dilemma right away, this is because slimming pills are not long-term effects and can affect your health in an adverse manner. So, if you want to avoid such situation, you should say “No” to them and “Yes” to a healthy diet. Article Source: Read more…Read more…

Write to Lose Weight

Compare Affordable Gastric Banding Surgery in France cheap gastric band Write to Lose WeightEveryone who is trying to lose weight is aware of the fact that keeping track of the diet you have taken has extreme importance in getting fruitful results, but very few people realize the importance of maintaining the record of their weight loss related thoughts. Even if a person managed to lose a decent amount of weight, he or she never give proper credit to the routine journaling.See all stories on this topic Read more…Read more…

The Most Inspiring and Real-Life Weight Loss Success Story

Compare Price of Bariatric Surgery In Europe gastric sleeve surgery in France The Most Inspiring and Real-Life Weight Loss Success StoryI am slimmer, I am smarter and I am happier and here is my weight loss success story! Most of us go on a strict diet in hopes of becoming slimmer. But we all know that no one can go on dieting forever. My weight loss success story will definitely motivate you. My weight loss success story begins with the psychological aspect of helping reduce weight. Secondly, you need to control the calorie intake if you want to maintain a slim and gorgeous figure. I hope that you take inspiration from my weight loss success story because I was a hefty 80kg who is now down to a beautiful and healthy 55kg in no time!See all stories on this topic Read more…Read more…

Wls diet

Compare Best Price Adjustable Gastric band Surgery in France Gastric Band Surgery Wls diet Diet Stages following WLS. Read patient information from MedlinePlus: Your diet after gastric bypass surgery How does weight loss surgery work high in protein and low in calories, carbs, and fat. After the initial recovery period, when you’ll start your “regular” diet, you’ll be advised to have small meals (not more than three times a day), to chew your food well, and to eat slowly. It is very important for LAP-BAND patients not to drink during the meals and to wait until half an hour after eating to take in any liquids. The same rule applies for gastric sleeve patients. Patients undergoing any weight loss surgery should refrain from drinking with the meals. In other words, if you’ve had gastric adjustable band or gastric sleeve, you should drink no later than 30 minutes before the meal, and wait at least 30 minutes after your meal before you drink again. An ideal LAP-BAND or gastric sleeve diet includes everything that is shown on a traditional food pyramid. Namely, the majority of your diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, selected proteins, and whole grains, while avoiding products rich in fat and sugar. As a LAP-BAND or gastric sleeve patient, Once gastric bypass surgery is complete, a strict post-op diet plan needs to be followed. There is now a staple line in your stomach that must be allowed to heal. Certain foods can disrupt the healing process, put undue stress on the staple line, and lead to a leak. The diet for a post-op gastric bypass patient consists of four stages: Table showing 4 stages of gastric bypass diet Week 1 – Clear Liquids For 1 to 7 days after gastric bypass surgery , only clear liquids are to be consumed at the rate of one to two ounces per hour. The patient’s dietician will decide how long this phase will last and suggest dietary guidelines. Clear liquids recommended by the dietitian will probably include the following items: water fat-free milk fat-free broth sugar-free jello A stage one clear liquid consumption schedule might look like this: Read more…Read more…

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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Is Losing Weight As Difficult As It Is Made Out To Be?

Compare Best Price Bariatric Surgery in France weight loss surgery cost Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Is Losing Weight As Difficult As It Is Made Out To Be? First, let us get one thing clear: losing weight is never easy. There are always challenges involved. At some point, you are bound to struggle. If you have followed a long-term weight loss plan earlier, you probably found you inevitably stalled – sometimes more than once. This is why persistence is perhaps the number one tool for weight loss success. If you can keep going by making adjustments when necessary, nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goals. Read more…Read more…

Endoscopic Therapies for Obesity and Metabolic Disease

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