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Weight Loss Surgery Questions and Answers

FAQ Questions and answers on Weight Loss surgery in France Are You Obese What is Obesity Surgery? The History of obesity surgery? How do I lose weight safely? How is obesity surgery performed at our Hospitals? How do I know if I am eligible for obesity surgery? How does Obesity surgery work? In brief, what’s involved with obesity surgery? Does obesity surgery really work? What are the main benefits of obesity surgery? Is obesity surgery right for everyone? What are the risks of obesity surgery? What are the comparative risks of surgery against the risks of obesity? How much weight will I lose? And Will the weight loss be quick? How long will I have to stay in the hospital after surgery? What if I have excess skin? How long will I be off work after obesity surgery Can I become pregnant after obesity surgery? Will I have to take vitamins? Should I exercise after obesity surgery? What about dietary changes after obesity surgery? What happens if I don’t follow the diet? Back to top of Page Answers Are you Obese? You are classed as morbidly obese if your body mass index (BMI) between is a BMI of 35 and 40 and if you have a risk factor for an obesity-related disease, you may also be considered for obesity surgery. Back to top of Page What is obesity surgery? Obesity surgery is a surgical procedure for people who have tried everything to lose weight but have not been able to do so by normal means such as diet and managed weight loss programs or fitness training Back to top of Page The History of obesity surgery? In recent years, obesity surgery has gained ever-increasing popularity as an alternative to weight loss diets. More and more people are turning towards these procedures to decrease their excess weight. Back to top of Page How do I lose weight safely? Many people feel that weight loss surgery is too drastic a measure and the risks associated with the effects of obesity surgical procedures are too great. By choosing a Hospital or Clinic which has the benefit of Highly Qualified Surgeons and Consultants you can minimize the Risks involved. All of the surgeons at our registered Clinics and Hospitals in France are highly experienced in this specialist area of the gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, and gastric bypass surgery. Back to top of Page How is obesity surgery performed at our Hospitals? Obesity surgery is not designed as a quick solution and requires a comprehensive program which includes the support and services of other healthcare professionals such as dieticians to recommend the long-term diet plans and fitness programs which are the most suitable for you. Gastric band surgery involves placing an adjustable gastric band (sometimes called a lap band) around the upper part of the stomach, which restricts how much food the patient can eat before feeling full. The gastric band is usually inserted using laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. It can then be adjusted to suit the patient’s weight loss or removed altogether if needed. Gastric Sleeve surgery is when a section of the stomach is removed by surgery but is not as easily reversible as a gastric band. Gastric Bypass surgery is a major operation for extremely obese patients with a long history of weight problems whereby the Stomach is bypassed completely. Back to top of Page How do I know if I am eligible for obesity surgery? You may be a candidate for gastric band surgery if: • You are 18 years of age or over • Previously attempted weight loss in a medically supervised program which has subsequently failed • Your BMI is greater than 30 or between 35 and 40 with major obesity-related medical problems Back to top of Page How does obesity surgery work? In simple terms, the gastric band surgery lap band restricts the amount of food and drink a patient can eat or drink. It also creates the feeling of being full faster thereby reducing the volume of food which the person will eat and far fewer calories.Read more…

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